Daily departure every 45 minutes, depart from Cocobay 8:00 – 19:00, depart from Danang Airport 8:40 – 19:40.
*Notice: From 5.pm there is no bus at bus stop No 6 due to the Night Market.

Daily departure every 45 minutes, depart from Danang Airport 8:50 – 17:05, depart from Linh Ung pagoda 9:35 – 17:50

Daily departure every 2 hours, depart from Cocobay 10:15 – 19:15, depart from Hoi An 11:15 – 20:15

매일 45분마다 출발, 코코베이 리조트 첫차 08:00 – 막차19:00, 다낭 국내선 첫차 08:40 – 막차19:40
*공지사항 : 오후 5시 이후 부터는 야시장이 열리므로 NO.6 승강장에서 정차하지 않습니다.

매일 45분마다 출발, 다낭 국내선 앞 첫차08:50 – 막차17:05, 린응사 주차장 첫차09:35 – 막차17:50

매일 2시간마다 출발, 코코베이 리조트 첫차 10:15 – 막차 19:15, 린응사 출발시간 첫차11:15 – 막차 20:15

Buy ticket
Purchase Coco City Tour pass in either of following ways: On the bus, At Cocobay Information Centre, At Danang International Airport and at Danang Visitor Center – 108 Bach Dang street, Da Nang city.


170,000 VND/ ticket.

Hop-on hop-off, valid for 24 hours.


250,000 VND/ ticket.

Hop on hop off, valid for 48 hours.


50,000 VND/ ticket.

For a single trip.


Information Center
On the bus
Da Nang Visitor Center
More than 25 bus stops including the most famoust attractions: Cocobay, The Marble Mountains, My Khe Beach, Cham Museum, East Sea Park, Dragon Bridge,..
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Coco City Tour warmly welcome the Miss World Vietnam 2019 contestants hold at Cocobay, Danang.


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